Five Healthy midnight snack

Mid night snacking is something we have all done. We have all been there when it is late in the night, we are hungry and we go for something completely full of carbs and fat. Not only eating heavy, spicy and fatty food will make you put on weight but also disturb your sleep and make you restless. However you should not go to bed empty stomached because there are still some options you can try which will not be harsh on your waistline and also curb your hunger. You can also keep these snacking options handy so that whenever you feel hungry you can quickly grab them and have a restful sleep afterwards.

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  1. Non-fat yogurt: Yogurt has proteins and fat that makes you feel full. It relaxes you as well as it calms your stomach without any indigestion and gives you a peaceful night of sleep.

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  1. Apple: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but it may also keep those extra kilos away from your body. It contains soluble fiber along with ursolic acid which is a natural compound that has been found to boost fat-burning. Plus it gives you a glowing skin.Five Healthy midnight snack3




  1. Nuts: Nuts including almonds and pistachios have proved to be very beneficial to those who want to lose weight. Though being slightly high in calorific value they help you make full, prevents you from unhealthy snacking and helps you lose weight.

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  1. Green tea: Green tea is considered to be a healthy drink which benefits us in a lot of ways and improves our overall body health. Green tea helps you in reducing weight as it increases your metabolism and green tea increases you fat burning which leads in reducing body fat on long term use. Also if you drink green tea along with exercising helps you reduce weight faster.

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  1. Banana: Banana is loaded with fiber and it also contains tryptophan which relaxes your body. It contains sugar which makes you feel fuller. Plus they are very easy to eat without getting any utensils dirty.







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