Five snacks that help you curb hunger and lose more weight

Most of us are afraid of using a weighing machine because we know it’s going to upset us. Its not that we have not tried to lose weight but those hunger pangs and cravings always pull us back. Obviously it is hard to do work and walk around feeling famished and to top that the temptation to eat high calorie treats present all around us. That is why it is important to know the right way to subdue your hunger without starving yourself. With the right combinations of food this will not only help you lose weight faster but also make you get rid of extra calorie and fat.
1. Water: First thing to be done is to drink water, at least 10-12 glasses of water a day. It will keep you hydrated, make you feel full, help remove toxins from your body , give glow to your skin and of course help you lose weight. So drinks lots of water it’s absolutely fat free!!

2. Apple: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but it may also keep those extra kilos away from your body. It contains soluble fiber along with ursolic acid which is a natural compound that has been found to boost fat-burning. Plus it gives you a glowing skin.

3. Nuts: Nuts including almonds and pistachios have proved to be very beneficial to those who want to lose weight. Though being slightly high in calorific value they help you feel full, prevents you from unhealthy snacking and helps you lose weight.

4. Cucumber: As we might know cucumber is very good for our skin. It is also very good snack to lose weight since it is water based it contains lesser calories but at same time it helps curb your hunger and prevents you from unhealthy snacking.

5. Soups and salads: soup as we all know is just a stew of vegetables containing nothing but the nutrients and minerals plus you can change flavors if you get bored of one taste. Also salad is another thing which can never make you fat, all green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, zucchini etc are very good for skin plus prevents weight gain.So enjoy a bowl full of nutritious salad.

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