How to Choose Jewelry That Suits Your Skin Tone

This article shows you how to pick jewelry that will look good on you regardless of your skin tone. Suppose you’re looking for pieces that match your skin tone. Not only can jewelry that matches your skin tone be expensive, but it’s also often quite hard to find pieces in your skin tone that matchRead More

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The best diamond colors for your skin tone

The best diamond colors for your skin tone

If you thought diamond cut and clarity were the only things to look for when buying jewelry, think again! Colored diamonds have been in fashion even over the past few seasons. Although any piece is sure to make a statement, different colors may better complement your skin tone than others. Make the best purchase forRead More

Why Does Some Jewelry Stain Your Skin?

Why Does Some Jewelry Stain Your Skin

You may think jewelers are masters at creating gorgeous gemstone pieces, but they’re not. Do you own jewelry that stings your skin? You may not realize it, but the jewelry industry has a dirty little secret. It’s a secret that can cost you thousands of dollars annually and leave a permanent mark on your skin.Read More