How to get rid of wrinkles

Your beauty is enhanced by your smooth clear face and those beautiful eyes. But wrinkles under the eyes can jeopardize your beauty. Wrinkles are a natural sign of aging. Collagen under your eyes loosens with ageing and causes wrinkles. But these days harmful U.V rays, pollution, stress and hectic work schedule help in speeding upRead More

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Home remedies to remove facial hair

Every woman loves a perfect and clear face without any unwanted facial hair. However the hair on face, neck, upper lip etc is a bit embarrassing and it also affects confidence of a person. Unwanted facial hair can be due to various reasons like hormone imbalance, use of medicines, pregnancy etc. Bleaching your face isRead More

Home remedies to get perfect pink lips

A beautiful smile enhances your beauty and your perfect smile also depends on your pink lips. Not everyone is blessed with naturally pink lips. Also there are various reasons that your naturally pink lips can turn dark like from exposure to sunlight, excessive smoking and drinking, excess intake of caffeine loaded drinks, stress , lowRead More