Foods to avoid in monsoon

Monsoon has come and it is such a great relief from the scorching heat but monsoon also brings a lot of infections and diseases along with itself as monsoon reduces the immunity of our body. It happens as the humidity is very high and this creates digestion problems. Our body also is also affected by allergies and infections so it is up to us to keep ourselves away from such diseases. So the basic rule is never to eat unless you are hungry in monsoon as that might lead to stomach problems and also never eat street food and always drink boiled water. Here are some foods you should avoid in monsoon season.

  1. Oily food: Well who doesn’t like pakoras in rainy season, it’s a snack that all love especially during monsoon. But as the humidity increases our digestive abilities decreases. So we should avoid every kind of deep fried food during monsoon. Having pakoras made at home once in awhile is ok but having it from outside is totally unhygienic, also having such food regularly can lead to obesity and cholesterol problems.
  2. Fish: Monsoon is the breeding season for fish and also it is very difficult to catch fresh fish during this season. Try to avoid any kind of sea food, just try to plan a diet which is light, simple and not harsh on you digestive system like salad, soups etc.
  3. Juices from vendors: Although anything eaten from outside during monsoon season is prone to infection. Thus any fruit cut or kept in open environment should be avoided as it can prove to be fatal. So either drink packed beverages or one prepared at home.
  4. Green leafy vegetables: We are all aware of the benefits of green leafy vegetables and how healthy they are for us. However we should avoid eating them during this season as they are grown in swamps. The dirt and mud present in these vegetables make it prone to germs and infections which upset our stomachs. Even while having these it should we thoroughly washed in luke warm water.
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