How to maintain a healthy balance between work and life

In this age and time everyone works extra hard to achieve their goals. Most of the time is spent in meetings, front of computer and trying to compete with one another. But this rat race does take a toll on our health and leaves us nowhere. So it is very important to strike a balance between work and healthy lifestyle. There are some simple things which if taken care of and remembered help you achieve this.

  1. Exercise: working out is very important for our body as well as our mind. A lot of us give office work and busy schedule as an excuse of not working out but have you ever thought that we feel tired and exhausted because of the fact that our bodies are not active throughout the day and there is very less body movement. Exerscing regularly will boost energy in you, keep you physically and mentally fit and will also help you work with greater concentration. So exercise at least 45min for five days in a week.

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  1. Make a time schedule: Making a schedule lets you know what you are supposed to do and when. You should make sure while making a schedule you should keep time for yourself and your family and friends. Also try to plan for things that help you recharge. This way helps you take control of your own life and you can drive yourself to your goals if you know what you want and get it done without wasting any time.

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  1. Give time to Hobbies: It so happens that we are so busy to work for the entire day that by the end of the day we are so tired and fatigued that we forget to make any time for ourselves. Try to develop some hobbies or pursue your existing hobbies like painting, dancing, baking etc. that you thought you have no time for with your friends. This will relax your mind and body so that you go fresh for work the next day.

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  1. Make “me” Time: Try and set time limits for work that needs to be done this way you will see that work is done faster as well as you are left with a lot of time for yourself which is very necessary. Give yourself time to pamper your body and time for other interests. This way you will also be able to sleep on time and get adequate rest.


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