Home remedies to prevent dehydration

Our body is made of 70% water. Water balance is very important for our body and its maintenance. When water level in our body drops below a certain levels it disturbs the equilibrium of all the minerals present in our body. Every cell in our body needs water and in turn oxygen to function properly.Read More

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Ways to protect your hair during monsoon

Monsoon is a relief from the scorching heat and well who doesn’t love monsoon, the romantic whether, delicious food. But as it is said all good things come with a price though monsoon can be very pleasant for us but all the humidity can be very unpleasant for your hair. All the humidity leaves yourRead More

Home remedies for oily skin

Do you feel that your skin shines a lot and you can’t seem to get rid of it? You constantly have to clean your face still it becomes shiny again. Oily skin can lead to a lot of other skin problems as well like blackheads, pimples acne, dull and dark skin, irritation etc. Oily skinRead More