The best diamond colors for your skin tone

The best diamond colors for your skin tone

If you thought diamond cut and clarity were the only things to look for when buying jewelry, think again! Colored diamonds have been in fashion even over the past few seasons. Although any piece is sure to make a statement, different colors may better complement your skin tone than others. Make the best purchase for your beauty, whether you’re looking at rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, by taking a look at these guidelines to enhance your diamond education and make the best purchase for your beauty.

How are Diamonds Colored?

The color of the diamond can change depending on which trace element it is. Which is how we imagine most diamonds to be, right? When a diamond is a pure carbon, it is not. A truly colorless diamond is hard to come by. If you were curious, most diamonds have some yellow or brown tint caused by nitrogen. When this color is intense enough or has enough trace elements mixed in, a diamond moves from the colorless scale to the fancy color scale. Fancy-colored diamonds are a whole, crazy, vibrant, expensive, rare world to themselves.

Diamond Color Based on Skin Undertones

Determining your skin’s undertone is the easiest way to figure out which color looks best on you. It is different from the regular skin tone coloring because it doesn’t change, no matter how many mojitos you might or might not have. It’s possible to be warm, cool, or neutral, with each type’s perfect color pallet to accentuate whichever beautiful hue you are. If you don’t know what color category you fall into, I have some tricks to help you, plus the diamond colors best suited for each category.

The first step is determining your skin tone.

Warm and cool are the main classifications of skin tone. Look at your wrist or another place on the body where your veins are visible to figure out which one is yours. You have a warm skin tone and greenish veins. Your skin tone will cool if your veins look bluer.

For warm skin tones

If you know that you have a warm skin tone, many colors are a good match. Those with gold accents, like yellow, green, orange, and champagne, are the best way to complement your complexion. Setting your stones in yellow will make them sparkle brighter for the most stunning results.

For cool skin tones

A range of different-colored diamonds will look great on you if you have a cooler skin tone. Shades of pink, red, violet, magenta, and purple will stand out against your skin, as will more subtle colors such as black and gray. It is possible to make the diamonds shine by setting them in silver metals.


Final Thought

You want to make sure the diamonds are the perfect color. A diamond can appear white, but if it is not cut well, it can look dull and less sparkly than it should be. Color is one of the most important things when buying a diamond.


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