Ways to protect skin from tanning

It is summer time again and sun is ablaze, we obviously cannot stay home to stay away from sun but we can protect ourselves from harmful U.V rays which increase the melanin content of the body and the skin gets tanned. The worst thing about U.V rays is they cannot be seen or even felt but their effect can be seen as tan on your skin. Unlike western countries where people voluntieerly get tanned and consider it good but we don’t share the same view, we think of it as unattractive. Unfortunately there is not much you can do after our skin gets tanned and it is very difficult to bring it back to its normal state. So as it is said “prevention is better than cure” , so better prevent yourself before it gets too late. Here are some useful things you can do to prevent tanning.

1. Always wear a good sun block lotion at least 25 SPF before stepping out in the sun. Liberally apply sunscreen lotion on all the body parts and always apply sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out in sun. You should try use a sunscreen with higher SPF for your skin as compared to your face.

2. Try to cover as much area of your body as possible. Wear full- sleeved clothes to avoid getting your arms from getting all dark and tanned. Try an wrap a scarf around your face and protect your face from sun.

3. Summer time can be fun and fashionable and along with that you can avoid tan. You can wear big glasses, carry bright colored umbrellas , wear hats. They look both fashionable and prevent sun tan.

4. Avoid wearing skirts and shorts without applying good amount of sunblock lotion on those areas.

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