Whether use lotus or lakme sunscreen?

Its summer time again and sun is ablaze at 44 degree Celsius it is that time of the season where you feel like staying at home and chilling in front of your air conditioner but your boss doesn’t understand this and won’t give you a leave for the whole summer. So there is no option other then to step out of your house into the sun and go out…phew!! It is also that time of the year where you have to use plenty sun block lotion, naturally I have also been using one by lotus SPF 25+ but I don’t feel completely satisfied with it … My skin still is getting tanned , it seems tad to oily . There are some other problems as well I have been facing with lotus sunscreen firstly, it comes in a tube so if you push it out in excess there is no way you can put it back in, secondly whenever I apply it on my face it feels rough, plus it doesn’t go well with sweat it leaves white patches and you also can’t wear it on your neck and arms with white tops. Although its not all bad its good for all skin types, gives it an even tone but still I thought I will try out a new one and went out and bought myself a new lakme sunscreen fairness expert though I wasn’t sure it will be any different but it did turn out to be a little better as compared to my previous sun block. First of all it is oil free, the consistency is really good not thick nor thin just right in the middle really good for a sunscreen. It gets absorbed pretty well in your skin, it doesn’t even make me sweat like the previous one and leave patches and it also gives you a good cooling effect, only thing I did not like about this product is it doesn’t make your skin fair like it says. But well that can be overlooked as long as it prevents me from tan.
Now different people have different views but in my opinion you should go out and try this lakme sunscreen as well I am quite sure you might find what you are looking for and stay sun safe.

Disclaimer: This is the personal view of the author of the article regarding the products and may vary from person to person.

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